Thursday, April 2, 2009

Japanese Toufu Delight

Steaming is one healthy approach of cooking food and it is no fuss, clean and fast!

If you are rushing for time, this is one simple recipe to go for with steam rice. It is japanese toufu mixed with minced meat and put into the steamer to do the work. Simple and full of protein, taste good too. Alternatively, instead of japanese toufu, you can use beaten eggs with a few drops of water and mix it with the minced meat too.

What do you require :
  • a packet of japanese toufu

  • some minced meat

  • some fish sauce (yee-low)

  • pepper, salt to taste

Tips: the fish sauce makes a difference in this dish

Simple Process :

  1. Mashed up the japanese toufu and mix well with the minced meat
  2. Add in some fish sauce, pepper, salt to taste
  3. Steam for 20 minutes, when ready, garnish with chopped spring onions and red chillies
  4. Serve with steam rice

Simple and Nutritious Dish! Happy Trying..

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