Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Steam Fish Delight

I have found a new recipe to steam this beautiful "red fish" (red snapper - oops...I am not so good in the names of fishes). Got this wonderful idea while eating out at a Chinese restaurant. It is kind of simple and fast to prepare and the sour flavour from the lime blends so well with the raw onions - no fishy-fishy smell. And the most delightful thing, I have saved half the amount to be paid for this steam fish by reproducing this similar recipe at home.

So if you are running short of ideas, happy trying this simple recipe and get this yummy appetizing steam fish on the dining table for your family...

All you require :

  • a medium size red snapper

  • 5- 6 limes

  • 2 big onions - cut into rings

  • some corriander leaves and spring onions - for garnishing

  • salt and chinese cooking wine

All you need to do :

  1. Sprinkle a litte salt and a few drops of chinese cooking wine on both side of the fish

  2. Steam the fish for 20-25 minutes or till the fish eyes "pops-up"

  3. When fish is ready, spread out the onion rings on top of the fish

  4. Squeeze lime on top of the onion rings, garnish with corriander leaves, spring onions

  5. Ready to be served HOT...

Enjoy your Meal and be Happy......

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