Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spicy Fried Fish

Look at this delicious fried fish coated with fried chilly mixture. Yummy! Yummy! The fried chilly mixture is a "re-cycle" from the left over which we had for our nasi lemak meal few days ago. So instead of leaving it lying in the refrigerator, I decided to "recreate" by adding some tamarind juice and use as a good tasty chilly coat for the fried fish. Yeah...another good dish for a good meal for the family.

All you Need :
  • some fried fish
  • some cornflour to coat the fish
  • 1 Tbs tamarind paste - add 3 Tbs water
  • 1 onion - cut into wedge
For Fried Chilly Mixture - Grind all together the ingredients below and saute the paste with 3 Tbs oil till aromatic, add salt and sugar, ready for use.
  • 6 fresh chilly or 5 Tbs chilly paste
  • 2 onions
  • 2 pc lemon grass
  • salt n sugar to taste
Simple Process :
  • Coat the fish with cornflour and fry till golden brown - set aside
  • Heat a little oil and saute the cut onion till aromatic, add in the cooked chilly paste, tamarind juice, bring to boil
  • Put the fried fish into mixture and coat well with the chilly paste
  • Ready to Serve

Have a Happy Meal!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oyster Sauce Stewed Pork Ribs

This is a simple recipe and easy to prepare too. It has a tasty gravy to go with steam rice. Simply stew the pork ribs with young ginger, oyster sauce and cooking wine and add a can asparagus mushrooms for a nice combination. The young ginger add a good aroma to the stew and it also helps in clearing excessive gas in our tummy. A simple dish where you could just leave it in a claypot and allow it to cook slowly over low heat. I notice the meat is much tender cooking in claypot. :)) taste great!

All you Need :

  • 600 gms pork ribs or half chicken (optional)
  • 1 med size young ginger - cut into strips
  • 5 Tbs Oyster Sauce
  • 1 Tbs Light Soy Sauce
  • 4 Tbs Cooking Wine
  • 1 can of Asparagus Mushroom
Simple Process :

1. Blanch the pork ribs in boiling water for 3 minutes - set aside
2. Heat the claypot, add 1 Tbs oil and saute the ginger strips till aromatic
3. Drop in the blanched pork ribs and add the oyster sauce, soy sauce and a small bowl water
4. Close the lid of claypot and allow the meat to cook over low heat for next 40 minutes
5. Add in the cooking wine and asparagus mushroom and allow it to cook for the balance 5 mins
6. Ready to serve with warm rice

** no claypot, just use the wok.

Enjoy Your Meal - Be Happy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Spicy Shrimps with Tomatoes

A beautiful and delicious Spicy Shrimps with Tomatoes which I have taken the recipe from Rina's blog @ rinasrecipe.blogspot. :)) thanks Rina, it's beautiful. However, I have made a slight modification in the ingredients and cooking steps. Happy with the result, as it taste good and I like this recipe very much. It is simple and easy to prepare too.

This dish has a nice aroma coming from the good blend of curry leaves, fresh turmeric and coriander leaves and it is yummy to eat with steamed rice.

All you need :

  • 600 gms medium size shrimps
  • 2 tomatoes - cut into small cubes
  • 2 onions - chopped
  • 1 clove garlic - chopped
  • 2 sprig coriander leaves - chopped
  • 1 Tbs chilly powder
  • 1thumb size fresh turmeric - pounded

Simple Process :

  • Marinate the shrimps with the chilly powder and pounded fresh turmeric + salt for an hour
  • Heat a little oil in the pan and saute the onions, garlic and curry leaves till aromatic
  • Add the prawns and stir fry over medium heat for 5 minutes and add in the tomatoes and coriander leaves, stir to mix well
  • Allow it to simmer over medium heat till the gravy thickens
  • Ready to Serve

Happy Cooking and Enjoy your Meal!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nyonya Curry Mee

Wow..look at this delicious yummy bowl of nyonya curry mee or simply nyonya curry noodle. I find great achievement in cooking the curry soup as I am basically using my memory and sense of taste and I believe it is close to accurate just like the ones prepared by my beloved grandma... :)) The difference between this nyonya curry mee and normal curry mee is it's sour flavour soup and the refreshing aroma of limau perut aka kaffir lime leaves and bunga kantan aka ginger bud. Smells so great, we just love it!
I have used fish for the topping as my kids loves this "boneless fish" or alternatively I do add dried curry chicken as the topping.

All you need : Serve 4

For the Stock : 2.5 lit water
  • 2 pieces chicken breast meat
  • Blanched the fish and use the stock
  • 3 stick lemon grass (serai) - smashed
  • few kaffir lime leaves (limau perut)
  • 1 ginger bud (bunga kantan)
  • 4 limes - extract juice
  • 1 pkt of santan cream
Grounded Paste :
  • 10 red chilly
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 3 big onion
  • thumbsize belacan
Simple Process :
  • Heat the wok and saute the grounded paste till aromatic
  • Add in the chicken/fish stock, add in all together the lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, ginger bud and lime juice and allow it to simmer slowly
  • Lastly add the coconut cream and bring to boil.
  • Ready to serve. Pour soup over blanched vermicelli and fresh yellow noodle. Garnish with the toppings accordingly.
** Toppings : Beansprout, longbeans, fried soft beancurd, fish.

Have An Enjoyable Meal!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hokkein Rice Tapioca Cake

This is a beautiful authentic dish from the Chinese Hokkein clan. My grandfather used to serve this simple and healthy dish for all of us to enjoy during our visits. These pieces of kueh is very "springy" when bite on and it is very much like eating sea cucumber. It is made of tapioca flour mixed with porridge, form into a dough and steamed it over high heat. Then the cooked rice-tapioca cake aka "moi kueh" is then fried with dried shrimps and chinese celery and spring onions in dark soy, it taste great! It is an "old fashion" home cook dish and cannot be found in any eating outlets. Well, it is a dish that brings back very sweet memories of my childhood days where me and my cousins were busy running around chasing the little ducklings, chicks in my grandfather's backyard little orchard... :))

To make the rice tapioca cake, you need to pre-cooked the porridge. All you need is about 3/4 bowl rice cooked with 1.5 litres of water and turn it into a thick porridge (just like the picture below). Cool the thick porridge first before use.

Next, mixed the thick porridge with 3.1/2 bowl of tapioca flour and knead it into a dough. Flatten it into a greased steaming tray and evenly pat the dough to 1 cm thickness. Next, steam for 20 minutes. Leave it to cool and refrigerate for 2 hours before cutting into slim slices (just like the picture below). the Rice Tapioca Cake is ready for frying into a savoury dish. All you need is some chopped garlic, chinese celery, spring onions and dried shrimps, alternatively, you may use prawns too.

Saute the chopped garlic and fry the dried shrimps till aromatic, add in a plate of the rice tapioca cake, 1 Tbs of dark soy sauce, dash of pepper and stir fry to mix evenly. When rice tapioca cake has soften, add in the chinese celery and spring onion. Serve Hot.... Yummy!
The balance can be kept in small portion in the freezer and thaw it before use when you want to enjoy this dish.
Here it is, an authentic Hokkein savoury dish

Thank you Grandpa for the authentic recipe :))

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Creamy Tofu Soup

This is a delicious and tasty Creamy Tofu Soup, the food outlets called it "Tofu Kang" in Cantonese - one of the chinese dialects. We all love this yummy thick creamy tofu soup, a resemblance of sharkfin soup. I have omitted crab meat and replaced by crab stick. Kids would love this thick creamy soup to go with steamed rice. It has a savoury taste blended with some rice, it is super delicious when taken hot. A simple and fast to cook dish for the family :))

All you need : Serve 4

  • 2 pcs of chicken breast meat
  • 1 packet of soft white tofu - mashed it
  • 5 pcs of chinese mushroom - soak to soften & cut into thin slices
  • 5 pcs of crab stick - cut into small cubes
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 sprig of spring onion - chopped
  • 1 Tbs rice vinegar
  • 1/2 Tbs dark soy sauce
  • 1 Tbs cornflour - add 2 Tbs water
Simple Process :
  • Boil 1 litre of water with the chicken breast meat for 20 mins
  • Dish out the cooked chicken meat and hand shred it into pieces
  • Put the mashed white tofu, chinese mushroom into the chicken soup, allow it to boil over medium heat for next 5 mins
  • Add in the shredded chicken, dark soy sauce, rice vinegar, dash of pepper and salt to taste
  • Next add the cornstarch, bring to a boil, quickly stir in the beaten eggs, off heat
  • Ready to Serve Hot - garnish with the chopped spring onion and a dash of sesame oil

Enjoy a Healthy and Yummy Soup!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Marmite Chicken

All of us in the family love Marmite and it has been part of the family ever since when our little kiddies started their soft diet. Marmite has very good nutrients for us. Till this very day, our little kiddies now turned big boys n girl still love Marmite... :)), so frequently we will have chicken or pork cooked with Marmite, simply Marmite in warm water = Soup or Marmite in Mixed Vegetables Porridge.

Look at this tasty dish of Marmite Chicken, it is very simple to prepare and taste very delicious indeed! It is a healthy dish too.
All you need :
  • 1/2 chicken or 2 pc chicken breast meat
  • 1 onion - chopped
  • 4 pips of garlic - chopped
  • 2 Tbs Marmite
  • ** 2 tsp honey (optional)

Simple Process :

  • Heat the wok with a little oil and saute the chopped onion and garlic till fragrant
  • Add in the chopped chicken and stir fry over medium heat
  • Add in 1/4 bowl of water and allow the chicken to simmer over medium heat for next 20 minutes
  • When water has almost evaporated, add the 2 Tbs Marmite, stir well to coat around the chicken for about 3 - 4 mins. No salt is required as Marmite has a salty taste in it.
  • Honey is optional, add it in and dish out - Ready to Serve

Have a Healthy and Happy Meal.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chap Chai - Mixed Vegetables

A simple, tasty mixed vegetables aka "chap chai" dish to share. This vegetable dish is made up of a little of each : cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, dried lily buds, woodear mushroom (black fungus) and chinese mushroom fried with ginger and an added flavour of fermented red beancurd.....a little of each makes up a big plate for the family to enjoy.

Simple Process :

  1. Saute the chopped ginger till aromatic, add in the chinese mushroom, woodear mushrooms and stir fry till the fragrance of the mushroom appears

  2. Add in the rest of the vegetables and stir fry to mix.

  3. Add in a piece of the fermented red beancurd, few tablespoon of water and cover it with wok lid for 5 minutes

  4. Give a good stir and when cauliflower has soften slightly, the dish is ready to be served

Nice, simple mixed vegetables!

Have a Happy n Healthy Meal!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Balanda Vegetarian Salt Fish

Look at this beautiful appetizing sour-sweet flavoured vegetarian dish, suitable for all ages. It is simple and easy to prepare recipe. We all enjoyed a good meal with this dish, the kids love it greatly. The gravy that I have made is from my grandma recipes' collection and it is called "Balanda" and normally cooked with the fried salted fish. It consist of big onion, garlic and some slices of red chilly saute till fragrant, then added with tamarind juice and a little sugar, cornstarch to thicken the gravy....So with a little innovation, I have used the same recipe for the vegetarian salted fish instead!

Basically this packet of "vegetarian salted fish" is made up of seasoned beancurd wrapped in beancurd skin and a layer of seaweed, obtainable from any vegetarian grocery shop or hypermarket. It is wonderful to add "meatless" dish once a while as to add varieties on the dinning table.

All you need :
  • a packet of the vegetarian salted fish - cut into slices
  • 1 big onion - cut into wedges
  • 4 pips garlic - cut into slices
  • 1 red chilly - cut into slices
  • 1 Tbs tamarind paste - add with a little water
  • sugar to taste

Simple Process :

  • Heat the pan with some oil and lightly fried the vegetarian beancurd - set aside
  • Heat the pan with a little oil and saute the onion, garlic and chilly till aromatic
  • Add in1/2 bowl of water, add the tarmarind, a little sugar to taste
  • Bring to a boil, add the cornstarch to thicken the gravy
  • Pour the gravy on top of the lightly fried vegetarian beancurd
  • Serve immediately with steamed rice
** Tips: As the vegetarian beancurd is salted, do not add anymore salt

A Simple Tasty Vegetarian Salted Fish

Have an Appetizing Meal!