Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nyonya Curry Mee

Wow..look at this delicious yummy bowl of nyonya curry mee or simply nyonya curry noodle. I find great achievement in cooking the curry soup as I am basically using my memory and sense of taste and I believe it is close to accurate just like the ones prepared by my beloved grandma... :)) The difference between this nyonya curry mee and normal curry mee is it's sour flavour soup and the refreshing aroma of limau perut aka kaffir lime leaves and bunga kantan aka ginger bud. Smells so great, we just love it!
I have used fish for the topping as my kids loves this "boneless fish" or alternatively I do add dried curry chicken as the topping.

All you need : Serve 4

For the Stock : 2.5 lit water
  • 2 pieces chicken breast meat
  • Blanched the fish and use the stock
  • 3 stick lemon grass (serai) - smashed
  • few kaffir lime leaves (limau perut)
  • 1 ginger bud (bunga kantan)
  • 4 limes - extract juice
  • 1 pkt of santan cream
Grounded Paste :
  • 10 red chilly
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 3 big onion
  • thumbsize belacan
Simple Process :
  • Heat the wok and saute the grounded paste till aromatic
  • Add in the chicken/fish stock, add in all together the lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, ginger bud and lime juice and allow it to simmer slowly
  • Lastly add the coconut cream and bring to boil.
  • Ready to serve. Pour soup over blanched vermicelli and fresh yellow noodle. Garnish with the toppings accordingly.
** Toppings : Beansprout, longbeans, fried soft beancurd, fish.

Have An Enjoyable Meal!

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