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Coconut Milk Rice - Nasi Lemak Malaysia

Malaysia Delicacy - Presented in a Home Served style........

Every Malaysian, young and old, loves this "complete meal" in a plate. The locals call this dish Nasi Lemak aka Coconut Milk Rice. It can be taken at breakfast, lunch or even dinner.
There are many ways of serving this delicious hot spicy meal. The photo shows my authentic way of serving this meal with chilly-sour flavour chicken together with fried anchovis (ikan billis), fried beancurd, boiled egg and cucumber slices together with Coconut Milk Rice....

The Chilly-Sour Flavour Chicken

The ingredients to cook the chicken:
1/2 chicken - chopped into pieces
3 stalks lemon grass (serai), 8 red chillies, 4 onions - to be grounded together into a paste
3 Tbs tamarind paste (assam juice) - add with 1/4 cup water

** The knotted screwpine (pandan leaves) are for cooking the coconut milk rice

Simple Process for the Chilly-Sour Flavour Chicken :
  1. Heat the wok with some oil, stir fry the grounded chilly paste till fragrant
  2. Add in the chicken and mix well with the paste
  3. Add the tamarind juice, salt and sugar to taste, allow it to simmer over low heat
  4. Stir occasionally till the chicken meat is cook. The cooked chicken must have some gravy to go with the coconut milk rice

Tip: If you wish to have more of the cooked chilly paste aka sambal (condiment), you can use the same ingredient as above and cooked it separately without the chicken but you can add in cut onion rings

What do you require for cooking the rice :

  • 2 cups rice
  • 1 grated coconut - extract the milk and add sufficient water to cook the rice
  • 3 pieces screwpine (pandan leaves add a nice aroma to the rice)
Tips : how do I know the rice has sufficient water? Simply use your fingertip and touch the rice lightly, the water level should not be more than the 1st segment (fold) of your finger.

Have a Happy Meal!

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