Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brinjal in Dark Soy Sauce

I have found a new approach in preparing this brinjal dish, of course modifying a bit from my mum's original recipe. As I dont like my dish to be oily and also partly wanting to eat healthy, I have decided not to fry the brinjal instead I put it in the steamer. I classified this recipe under fast and simple to cook - no fuss at all! It is looks yummy and sure it taste great too. My family loves it, the brinjal is soft, well coated with the thick soy sauce and the aromatic dried shrimps...hmm taste great with hot rice.

All you need : Serve 4 -5

  1. 3 brinjals - cut into lengthwise, half it

  2. some dried shrimps (hae bee)

  3. 6 shallots - slice thinly

  4. a sprig of spring onions, 1 red chilly - for garnishing

  5. 3 Tbs dark soy sauce

  6. sugar - to taste (optional)

Simple Process :

  1. Soak the brinjal in salt water once you have cut it - to reduce brinjal turning dark

  2. Prepare Steamer and steam cut brinjal for 10 minutes - set aside

  3. Heat a little oil, stir fry the slices of shallots, dried shrimps till aromatic

  4. Add a little water, 3 Tbs dark soy sauce, a little sugar and the steamed brinjal

  5. Lower heat, stir well the brinjal in the sauce and let the brinjal simmer in the sauce

  6. When sauce has well coated the brinjal and almost dry, dish it out

  7. Garnish with chopped spring onion, cut chilly and ready to be Served..

Yep....Taste Yummy n have a Happy Meal!


  1. Thanks for the recipe, I love brinjals, will try some day. Looks delicious.

  2. U r welcome and happy trying..

  3. I think this will serve well with porridge too!

  4. Yes, you are right, it goes well with hot porridge..