Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sweet Sour Spicy Tempeh with Ikan Billis

Do you know that Tempeh is a good and healthy food, full of protein?
Tempeh is actually steam fermented beans and can be obtained from the makcik stall at wet market or Giant hypermarket.
The photo above shows the tempeh I got from the wet market....cheap, cheap @ 50 cents per packet. My husband and girl simply loves this dish....there are few ways to cook tempeh but they just love this sweet, sour and spicy flavor recipe and it goes very well with rice....

Wanna try it? Yep, this dish is easy and fast to cook. Here it goes......

What you require

4 packets of tempeh - cut it into small pieces
Ikan billis (anchovies)
5 red chillies and 2 big onions
Assam juice (tamarind)
sugar and salt - taste

How do you cook it?

1. Fry the tempeh till golden brown - set aside
2. Fry the ikan billis till golden brown - set aside
3. Fry the grounded chillies and onions till aromatic, add the assam juice,
sugar and salt to taste
4. Add in the fried tempeh and mix well
5. When ready to serve, sprinkle the fried ikan billis on top

Yum! Yum! It taste so goooood.......

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