Friday, March 13, 2009

Nyonya Gado Gado

When I was a little child it makes me wonder why grandma named her scalded vegetables mixed with tangy peanut sauce "gaduh gaduh"...... ah's actually "Gado Gado". This dish is quite similar to Penang Indian Pasembur minus the fried fritters (flour stuff with prawns) ....

It is a healthy dish and can be served as lunch. I love having this dish for home parties or even during pot luck parties. It is easy to prepare except just need a little skill in preparing the "kuah" - tangy peanut sauce. The success of the dish comes from the good tasty "kuah"..

What you require?

Vegetables :
1 Turnip /1 Cucumber /8 Long Beans / 1/4 cabbage / Taugeh optional
4 pcs Beancurd (taukua) - deep fry
3 Boiled Eggs, 4 Boiled Potatoes
* Blanch the longbeans and taugeh

Ingredients For the Sauce:
600gm Toasted Peanuts - grounded - Serve 5-6
some Assam juice
1 box coconut milk
sugar and salt - to taste

8 chillies and 2 big onions-
grind together
2 thumbsize lengkuas (galangal) -
cut into slices
4 stalks serai (lemon grass) -
smash it

How to get this Peanut Sauce?
1. Heat some oil and fry (tumis) the grounded chilly and onion till aromatic
2. Drop in the lengkuas and serai and stir fry at low heat
3. Add in the assam juice and stir in grounded peanuts, let it boil and lastly the coconut milk
4. Add sugar and salt - to taste

To serve, just drop sufficient tangy peanut sauce on top of the blanched vegetables, eggs, potatoes, fried beancurd...

Stay Healthy with this Yummy Nyonya Salad

What do you think? It looks good and simple? Happy Trying...

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