Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Soup Appetizer - Nyonya HomeCook

This colorful soup brings back lots of sweet memories of my late nyonya grandma. Grandma called this soup "Titik Si Kua" aka as Titik Watermelon. It is really appetizing, taste a little spicy and recommended to drink when it is hot. According to grandma this is a nutritional soup, it clears away excessive air in the digestive system....hahaha, a good burp will take place after drinking this wonderful soup...yes it is true, no joke!

So next time dont throw away the watermelon skin after you have cut out the flesh of the watermelon... peel of the green skin and keep the white portion for the soup... You will not find this Titik Si Kua at any Nyonya restaurant, if you wish to experiment this healthy soup, then cook it at home..

What do you require?

Watermelon skin - peel off the green skin

some dried prawns

10 biji white pepper

5 small shallots

a thumbsize balacan

salt - to taste

What's Next?

1. Pound the dried prawns, white pepper, shallots, belacan together.

2. Boil 1 litre water together with the pounded stuff, add the cut pieces of watermelon

skin and boil over slow fire for about 30 minutes or till the watermelon skin turns soft

3. Serve soup when it is hot....

Wow! it is real appetizing and simple to cook....

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