Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chicken Curry Jean

I enjoy simplifying recipes, same time ensuring getting the good taste. I called it the simple version Curry Chicken as compared to my Granny and Mum's way of cooking. Surprisingly, my nyonya aunty gave me lots of praises recently when she tasted my version curry chicken....phuhyo! You know something, it is not easy to gain praises from a good cook and I did it, WOW!

Cooking has been part of my hobby and also I have a great family who truly enjoy what I served...it's truly motivating, yeah! The cooking time for this dish is less than 1 hour.

What you require to make this curry....for a family of 4

1/2 chicken or 2 chicken thighs

5 potatoes

1 tin evaporated milk

2 lime - squeeze the juice
salt - to taste

Curry Paste

1 small pkt Fish Curry Powder

1 small pkt Meat Curry Powder

4 blended big onions

What is next?

1. Fry the curry paste till aromatic and add in the chicken and potatoes, stir well

2. Add a little water to keep the pan moist at low heat

3. Add in the lime juice and simmer the chicken till tender

4. Add in the evaporated milk and give it a final boil

5. Ready to serve....

a. Serve it as a dish by itself

b. Serve it as "kon lo curry mee" - Dry Curry Chicken Mee/Beehoon
garnish with Mint Leave (Pudina)....it taste Voila!


  1. I have tasted this dish and it's Yummy Yummy!

    Thanks Jean.

  2. feel happy to know you are happy too...Yummy! Yummy!