Friday, March 6, 2009

Fried Bee Tai Bak

Fried Bee Tai! can you see the prawns, fried eggs, beansprout and chives.....looks yummy right!
Wa, what's that?...the name sounds so alien... but it look simply delicious, gee? Penangnites called it "bee tai bak" and it is a.k.a. loh si fun. It is from the family of noodle kueh teow except it is short and in strips and it's slippery...
There are 2 ways of preparing, one in a soup form and alternatively fry it. We love the fried version. This takes a little "wok" skill, try it...never try, never know!
Let me share how you too can enjoy this plate of yummy loh si it goes..
What you require?
1 packet loh si fun - serve 2.5
some prawns
1 piece fish cake - slice it
2 Eggs
some beansprouts (taugeh)
2 sprig of chives (ku chai) - optional
- or alternative is spring onion
some grounded chilly - get it from hypermarket
4 pieces of garlic - chopped
3 Tablespoon light soya sauce
salt - to taste
What to do next?
1. Heat the wok with a little oil and fry the chopped garlic and grounded chilly
2. Add the prawns and sliced fishcake and stir till the prawns turn pink
3. Next, add in the loh si fun and add in the light soya sauce and stir well for 5 minutes and if you like the "dark" look, just drip 2 drops of dark soya sauce
4. Drop in the cut chives and taugeh and stir fry well
5. Knock the eggs into the wok and let the eggs cook slightly before stiring thoroughly
and mixing it with the loh si fun
6. Ready to serve hot.....
Yummy! Yummy! Muaaach....Simply Delicious!
* if you like crunchy beansprout, then you add it in after Step 4..

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