Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vegetables n Salted Fish Curry

Vegetables n Salted Fish Curry or fondly called Kiam-Hu Kut Curry, was one of my grandma's authentic collections. Grandma was a great cook and so is my mum... I love this dish and do cook once in a blue moon for daddy and kids and they seem to love it too, especially to eat it with blanched beehoon aka vermicelli.....oh it taste so yummy! I have a slight modification on this dish - I use low fat milk instead of coconut milk and also "no gering rempah" (using the old fashion grinding stone to grind the chilly paste, oh no!).... :)).
Besides the vegetables, few pieces of salted fish bones are added to give an extra flavor and beautiful aroma to the vegetable curry. Shrimps are added to add extra natural sweetness to the curry.... WoW! words just cannot describe the taste, you need to cook it and enjoy this good bowl of curry with rice or simply eat it with beehoon.

Can you see the "salted fish bones" lying in the plates with some of the prawns in the photo? Ya...not healthy to consume often but once in a blue moon, I believe it is fine. To clear the excessive salt in the salted fish, it need to be soaked and wash for at least 3 times before cooking.

I have used 2 small packet of the fish curry powder mixed with 4 big onion (blended) to form a curry paste. On standby is a bottle of 450ml lowfat milk to add in after the curry paste is well sauted and turns fragrant. Just add on some water if you wish to have more gravy...which I did. The vegetables I have put in are some brinjals, long beans, ladies fingers, cabbage and taufo pok (fried soft beancurd).

Simple Process :
  1. Heat the wok with a little oil and saute the curry paste till fragant, add in some water followed by the bottle of milk.

  2. Add in the salted fish bone, vegetables and let it simmer over slow fire for the next 20 mins till you can smell the beautiful aroma of the curry

  3. Next add in the prawns and taufo pok and give a short boil, once prawns are cooked, it is ready to serve

Serve with warm rice or blanched vermicelli... it is Yummy!


  1. Look so delicious! Will try this weekend.

  2. Hi there...yes it is delicious, enjoy cooking