Monday, June 22, 2009

Kerabu Cucumber - Salad Cucumber

Wow, look at this beautiful appealing color kerabu or salad. Well as all of us is aware, eating uncooked vegetables are good to our little body and it is fun to add varieties to the way we prepare the greens. This is a typical Nyonya dish and it is called Kerabu Timbun or Salad Cucumber.

As again, no cooking is required and it is just mixing all the required ingredients together and that's it..perfectly yummy for those who loves spicy and sour stuff. It can be an appetizer or as a dish to eat with steamed rice.

There are varieties of choices where we can make as Kerabu or Nyonya Salad , just click the link to see more.

No cooking is required here, just a good mix of sambal belacan (pounded chilly with roasted shrimp paste), lime juice, roasted dried prawns and slices of shallots. Here are the ingredients required and the process is simply "Mixing the cut cucumber in it".... Voila!

Be Happy and Enjoy a Healthy Meal

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