Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tonic Vegetarian Chicken

Wow...look at this healthy vegetarian dish which I have created and I named it Tonic Vegetarian Chicken. The vegetarian chicken is made from layers of seasoned beancurd and obtainable from any vegetarian grocery. It is a simple dish and has good nutrition especially the gravy extracts from slices of the american gingseng, wolfberries and dried "yuk-chok".

The gravy consist of boiled american ginseng, wolfberries, dried yuk chok and black fungus or woodear mushroom. The american ginseng is able to energise our body and the wolfberries are good supplement for healthy eyes. Black fungus or woodear mushroom are supposedly able to cleanse the fats in our body system, helps to lower cholestrol.

I have boiled all the below over low fire with 1 bowl of water for 20 mins to get a good extract.
The vegetarian chicken piece is first steamed for 5 minutes and taken out to be cut into
small pieces. Once the boiled tonic are ready, just add 1 Tbs of cornflour to thicken the gravy, salt to taste and lastly pour the gravy on top.

Voila....the dish is now ready to be served
Delicious Tonic Vegetarian Chicken

Have a Healthy Meal!!

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