Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yummy Steam Fish

Steam fish is one of our favourites. ^ _ ^....wanting to eat healthy and going for easy preparation. LOOK at this beautiful colourful plate of fish, I like this simple and easy recipe of my mum..... as usual the fried garlic makes the difference...yeh!

Simple stuff required : slices of ginger, chopped corriander leaves and spring onions, a clove of chopped garlic for making fried garlic / garlic oil, red chilly for garnishing, few drops of chinese cooking wine.

Got this big fish (oops, don't know the name, me poor in fish names, all I know the meat is very sweet and equivalent to promfret) from the wet market @ $16, if you were to order this piece at the chinese restaurant it will cost you no less than $35.

Simple Process :

  1. Wash the fish well and cut diagonal lines on top of each surface

  2. Rub some salt on the body of fish and spread some ginger strips all over

  3. Put the fish into the boiling steamer for about 20 minutes - or till eyes of fish "pops"

  4. While fish is steaming, heat the pan with some oil and fry the garlic till golden brown - set aside for garnishing

  5. When fish is ready, drop a few drops of chinese cooking wine and simply garnish with chopped corriander, spring onion and spread well the fried garlic and garlic oil, drop a few slices of cut red chilly

Serve Hot and have a Happy Meal

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  1. I love fish, esp. the steamed one.
    The silver pomfret tastes great either steamed or pan-fried.

    Angie's Recipes