Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fish n Yam in Rice Wine

Many years ago we had this beautiful dish at one of the chinese restaurant and it was one of the restaurant's signature dish at that point of time and as we all love it so much, I explore myself and I did it :) Till now, occasionally we would be enjoying this beautiful tasty dish at home. It is a simple recipe and easy to prepare.

The dish has a good blend of rice wine, longan, red dates and black fungus, ginger together with fried fish and yam in it..... You may use brandy as an alternate to rice wine, it taste good too. It is super delicious drinking it hot during a cold rainy weather. Looking at the the ingredients, the Chinese believe it has good nutritional values especially the red dates, longan which is supposedly good for nourishing our bloodcells. The black fungus are known to reduce bad cholestrol....how wonderful! oops, what about the fried fish..nvm, it's ok to indulge once a while.... Here you are, give it a try and I am sure you will like it as much as we do...

All you need :

A medium size fish and cut into cutlets. A small yam cut into small pieces. Some shredded ginger, some red dates, some dried longan and a handful of dried black fungus together with 1/4 cup rice wine.

Simple Process :

  1. Heat the pan with some oil, coat the fish cutlet with cornflour and fry it till golden brown

  2. Dish out and set aside the fried fish

  3. Boil about 1 litre water, add in the ginger, black fungus, longan, dates and yam over medium fire

  4. By the time the yam has soften, it is almost ready, just add in the fish and 1/4 cup rice wine * and bring to a boil

  5. Serve hot with warm rice

* rice wine or alternate brandy - amount of wine is based on your preference

Enjoy a good and healthy meal

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