Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nasi Ulam Nyonya

This is a healthy plate of rice called Nasi Ulam *Nasi is Rice - Ulam is Raw vegetable* It is one of the Nyonya cuisine. The variety of leaves are grown in my little garden and I was so happy when it is time to harvest them to make into a good healthy meal for the family, they love it very much :)) All the leaves used has good nutritional values.

It taste so wonderful as the leaves used has a beautiful fresh aroma. The finely cut leaves are made up of turmeric leave, wild betel leave aka daun kaduk, peppermint leave, kaffir leaves, lemon grass and together with the fresh turmeric. I have not yet master the skill of fine cutting of the leaves as compared to my wonderful mum and grandma.

Extract of photos below are taken from the google image for reference.

With the all the finely cut leaves, it is then mixed with pounded fried salted fish and pounded fried grated coconut (kerisik), fine slices of shallots and dash of pepper. This is then mixed with the hot rice.

This plate shows the ingredients already well mixed with the rice, just before eating

Enjoy a good and healthy meal!


  1. I love nasi ulam but I hate the cutting part.

  2. Hi Sweet is true the cutting process is very tedious but guess it is worth the effort, after all it taste yum yum!