Friday, September 11, 2009

Broccoli with Pumpkin Sauce

Look at this yummy nutritious pumpkin sauce which I have made to spread on the beancurd and broccoli...nice color combination yeah! I have this dish created out of left over small amount of vegetables found in my refrigerator, so I thought, why waste it, do something then... Here comes the great rich taste pumpkin sauce... Pumpkin has a rich source of vitamins and definitely it gives us lots of benefit if consumed well.

All you need :
  • some broccoli
  • 1/4 pc pumpkin
  • 1 pkt of seaweed beancurd
  • 30 ml milk
  • salt to taste

Simple Process :

1. Steam the pumpkin for 10 mins and blend it, set aside
2. Blanched lightly the broccoli and set aside
3. Steam the seaweed beancurd for 5 mins
4. Lay the broccoli and seaweed beancurd on a plate
5. Heat the blended pumpkin, add the milk, salt to taste and bring to a boil
6. Pour the pumpkin sauce over the broccoli and seaweed beancurd
7. Serve well with steamed rice

Enjoy a Nutritious Meal!

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